Small Group Training

Small group training offers the high energy level and social interaction of a group fitness class with the intimate level and personalized education of personal training.  There is always more laughing and our clients seem to have more fun in this type of group format even when they are working hard.  Clients love working out with others who have similar interests and fitness goals and are more motivated because they are sharing the commitment with a number of workout partners.    Strong friendships often develop among the group and this enhances exercises adherence.  No body wants to skip out on their friend and when people know the rest of the group will miss them there are fewer absences.  Small group training makes fitness and exercise accessible to all people regardless of age, economic background or fitness level.  Small group size:  3-4 participants.

Partner Row & Squat with soma straps

Examples of small group training and/or request your own personalized small group program:

  • TRX Strength Training
  • BOSU Strength Training
  • Core Training – abdominals, obliques, low back
  • Lean Legs
  • Buns & Guns – legs & arms
  • Sleeveless – arms
  • Women on Weights

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