About PEAK fitness NW

Company Foundation:

PEAK fitness NW was launched in 2005 with the overall dream to teach our clients that exercise can be FUN – providing variety in workout location, method of training and challenging adventures.  All while helping clients establish their goals, develop a plan to achieve their goals  and, ultimately, reaching their goals in the most effective, efficient and FUN way possible!

PEAK fitness NW is a fitness training business offering boot camp style Outdoor Fitness Training programs through the Hood River Valley area. Jennifer Lockwood, Owner/Trainer, loved working in the full-service athletic club industry where she spent 15 years of her career.  However, she was looking for an opportunity to continue training clients that would allow her to raise a family.  It was her vision to grow slowly allowing her to spend quality time raising her boys Kegan and Kellan. In time, PEAK fitness NW was offering a variety of Outdoor Fitness Training programs, Sports Performance programs, Adventures and guiding individual clients to their best selves.

We encourage our clients to participate in both our year-round outdoor group training and private training. Meeting with a group provides additional encouragement, camaraderie and accountability that all of us need to stick with our exercise programs.  Private training provides you the guidance for your workouts away from us.

PEAK fitness NW differentiates itself from other fitness training businesses because our brick and mortar location, dubbed the “barnio”,  resides on our private property in Mount Hood, OR.  Our group fitness programs operate OUTSIDE in the beautiful natural environment our area has to offer; while the barnio offers an area to retreat when the weather is knarly.  Private clients may, also, meet us outdoors and/or in the barnio.  Flexibility in exercise environments provides variety and convenience to our clients workouts.

You see, there are a lot of people out there who pay for gym memberships but never actually use the gym. The training that we provide makes exercise convenient. By getting our clients outside they are able to benefit physically, mentally and spiritually from what nature has to offer.




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