Ski Conditioning

 Elevate your skiing or riding skills to a whole new level with our year-long approach to ski conditioning.  

Skiing and snowboarding are both intense sports that require an advanced level of aerobic and anaerobic fitness, muscle endurance and strength, balance, and core stability.   

PEAK Fitness Ski Conditioning will focus on building your overall athleticism, increasing your fitness level, preventing injury, and increasing your performance on the mountain. Avoid injuries and extreme muscle soreness by ensuring your body is properly conditioned

This program will:

  • Increase overall stamina and longevity while skiing or riding
  • Deceleration training helps in absorbing landings & injury prevention
  • Strength training creates explosive leg power and more pop
  • Core training increases discipline for flying through moguls
  • Balance training improves stability and body awareness 
Whether you ski the greens or the double diamonds, this twice weekly group workout will physically prepare you for the best skiing or riding of your life!

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Year-Round Ski Conditioning Schedule: 
  • May:  Active play, wind down from ski season
  • June-August:  Cardiovascular & strength training
  • September-October:  Anaerobic endurance, agility, power, balance, cardio & strength
  • November-December:  Peak Ski Fitness
  • January-March:  Ski fitness maintenance
Each session builds on the fitness developed during the previous session. Make this a year-round commitment to get the maximum benefit!

Ski Conditioning Testimonials

“Jennifer was instrumental in helping me shed over 30 pounds and get to a fitness level where I felt confident enough to try for a position on the premiere National Demonstration Team of PSIA.  I have maintained my fitness level and continue to tune up for an even better level of fitness.  As a current member of the PSIA-NW Technical Team I need to be at my best fitness level to handle every challenge of teaching and skiing at the highest levels.  Jennifer has a superb understanding of fitness and the body and can create custom programs for every individual.  As she is a highly accomplished ski instructor she is also keenly aware of specific movements and skills required for effective skiing performance which helps her tailor fitness training for ski athletes.” 

– Rick Lyons, Mt. Hood Meadows Training Director & PSIA-NW Tech Team Member & Assistant Coach

“My strength and endurance are the strongest they’ve been in more than ten years.  My balance and agility are close to how they were when I was ski racing in college.  Thanks to Jenn my first day back to skiing this year in foot-deep Oregon powder was wonderful.  I was not at all sore or tired afterwards.  I’ve also enjoyed playing indoor soccer, an all-day yoga seminar and daily workouts that leave me inspired for more!” 

– Kirsten Klug, Ski Conditioning client for 10 years

“I love the variety of tasks that Jenn incorporates, sometimes the sheer number of different things we do in a class astounds me!  I get challenged on so many levels.  This class has shown me that there are about a million more ways to torture myself than I had already thought of!” 

– Holly Tencer, Mt. Hood MeadowsTraining Director & PSIA-NW Divisional Clinic Leader

“Thanks to PEAK fitness NW my ski season was off and running months prior to the season’s first snow.  The variety of exercise, creative drills and focused instruction that Jennifer brought to each session was inspiring.  Jennifer’s class is an intense and results oriented workout.” 

– Greg Chase, Mt. Hood Meadows Training Director

“I had personal goals and Jenn helped me achieve every one.  I wanted to lose weight.  Jenn helped me lose 40 pounds.  I wanted to be a successful ski instructor.  Jenn’s class was tailor made to get me in shape for aggressive skiing.  I wanted to have fun doing it and classes are designed for fun.”  

– Richard Mario, Mt. Hood Meadows Trainer & PSIA Level III Ski Instructor

“I never thought the workouts were going to be as intense as they turned out.  Even though, I know we get out of workouts what we put into workouts.  It is great having a knowledgeable trainer giving a sometimes large group of individual’s personal attention; you are good at what you do!   Thanks again for the workouts.” 

– Darwin Arnold, Mt. Hood Meadows Snowsports Instructor

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