Have FUN!

Have FUN!

Blur the lines between your workout and recreation.  Experience the element of PLAY that naturally occurs in OUTDOOR Fitness Training!

PLAY – a forgotten word to many adults.  PLAY is defined as “Activity engaged in for enjoyment and recreation, especially by children.”  Let’s play like we did when we were kids – explore the outdoors challenging our balance on curbs and rocks, jumping, skipping, spinning.  We can rewire ourselves for FUN, PLAYFUL exercise!

PEAK fitness NW’s mission is to help our clients embrace a healthy lifestyle through an exercise program they can do anywhere, anytime that is specific to their fitness goals and have fun doing it. We strive to accomplish this by making our clients workouts adventurous and recess-like, encouraging FUN, teamwork, cooperation and competition through games.

Our workouts and adventures challenge our clients to do new things, accomplish what they didn’t think possible and renew forgotten interests!

Set challenges.  Renew Energy.  Stay Motivated!

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