Get Out.

Get Out.

OUTDOORS is the BEST gym in the world!

  • 93% of Americans day is spent indoors
  • 75% cleaner air outdoors
  • 12% more calories burned outside vs inside
  • ≥32% more fat burned outside vs inside

Natural light is the best source of light available & impossible to reproduce

20 minutes – 2 hours/day of sunlight is recommended for hormonal regularity – helping us feel more calm, alert and upbeat

VARIETY – the ever changing outdoor surroundings, terrain and freshness of air INSPIRE people to stay COMMITTED to Outdoor Fitness Training at a higher rate than those who exercise indoors.

It is clean, dirty FUN!  The outdoor environment turns our clients workouts into PLAY & ADVENTURE giving them a greater sense of ACCOMPLISHMENT, having braved the terrain and conditions of the outdoors.

Nature. Air. Light.

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