Monthly PEAK fitness NW offers 10-Day Challenges to help our clients COMMIT to living healthier, getting fit and losing weight.

10-Day Challenge Includes:

  • 10 days of nutritious meal replacement shakes
  • 10 day clean nutrition plan
  • 10 day fitness plan
  • Exercise 30 minutes, minimum, for 10 days
  • Eliminate or minimize foods containing gluten:  wheat-based pasta, bread, cracker, cereal, snack items and sweets
  • Eat a minimum of 3 meals each day, Shakeology is one of them
  • Before & after measurements
  • Facebook support group
  • $59

We commit to drinking one shake per day, at the weakest meal of our day.  For me that is dinner, when I’m teaching Outdoor Fitness Training classes, or you can drink it breakfast and/or lunch, if you find yourself on the go.  Shakeology is to date one of the most nutritionally sound shakes I have ever used.  It’s made from whole foods, loaded with greens, think five plates at the salad bar, it has all of your antioxidant berries, flax and chia seeds, digestive enzymes, probiotics and is gluten free and comes in a two vegan brown rice versions.

10 Day Challenges are for anyone:

  • wanting to shake POOR HABITS
  • COMMIT to clean eating & daily workouts
  • wanting to become a slimmer and more fit version of themselves

Here’s a short video on the shake:

Athletes see how Shakeology can improve your performance:

Email PEAK fitness NW to register for the upcoming 10-Day Challenge.

Tired of starting over?  Stop giving up!  We believe in you!


3-Day Cleanse Option:

What is the cleanse?

  • 3 day calorie-restricted, nutrient-dense eating plan
  • flushes toxins
  • “jump start” or “plateau-breaker”
  • It provides around 800-1200 calories.  If that’s too low for you, add another snack or more to your shakes.


  • rids system of toxins
  • nutrient efficiency
  • reduce bloat and increase weight loss

How does it work?

  • flushes toxins
  • brings your hydration levels to homeostasis
  • helps body absorb nutrients


  • 3-9 pounds weight loss
  • 2-3 inches lost
  • feeling cleaner, healthier
  • reduce bloat

You may complete the cleanse on its own and/or add it to the above 10-Day Challenge, here are your options:

  • if you want/need the push in the beginning and want to hit the ground flying, then do it the first three days.
  • If you tend to kick it into high gear at the end, then do it for your last three days.
  • Or anywhere in between, just make sure it’s three days in a row.  Mark off the entire challenge on your calendar and highlight these three days.

Commit to the 3-Day Cleanse on its own and/or before or after a 10-Day Challenge, $49.

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